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Battlerite is an action-packed Team Arena Brawler focused on competitive PvP combat. Fight side by side with teammates to the sound of the roaring crowd in vibrant, colosseum-style surroundings. Welcome to a world where champions dedicate their lives to the arena.

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  • Ashka
  • Bakko
  • Blossom
  • Croak
  • Ezmo
  • Freya
  • Iva
  • Jade
  • Jumong
  • Lucie
  • Oldur
  • Pearl
  • Pestilus
  • Poloma
  • Raigon
  • Rook
  • Ruh Kaan
  • Shifu
  • Sirius
  • Taya
  • Varesh


The Molten Fury

A masked creature specialized in dark sorcery. Casting devastating fire spells, Ashka's inner demon strikes fear into all who face him.

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Hero of Boulder Pass

A heroic brawler armed with axe and shield. Watch out for his earth-shattering dash attacks as even the most controlled warriors can go berserk.

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The Forest Mender

A young faun from the deep forests of Silverdeep, where her kind keep to themselves. Blossom uses nature to aid herself in battle and heal her allies.

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The Ranid Assassin

Shrouded in mystery, Croak's movements are supernatural and agile. With chameleonic stealth, you'll find him exceptionally hard to catch.

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The Mischievous

Ezmo is fond of arguing with his tome and causing trouble. He is an aggressive spellcaster who can move quickly through teleportation.

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The Eye of the Storm

Once a tribe queen, now a fearless contender. Her titanic hammers and overwhelming power of lightning is the perfect recipe for destruction.

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The Scavenging Inventor

Iva engineered her own arsenal of weapons, scavenged from the outer realms. A storm of rockets and bullets will greet you when meeting this opponent in the arena.

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The Lone Gunner

Born with eagle-eyes and armed with a lethal sniper rifle, Jade's pinpoint accuracy is a serious threat for anyone who enters the arena.

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The Beast Hunter

A a trophy collector who wandered the wildlands in pursuit of a worthy challenge. He traps his foes and brings them to their death with the accuracy of his mighty bow.

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The Expelled Alchemist

Lucie is a diverse contender who knows which brew will make you choke, heal or flee in fear. The arena is a playground for her experiments.

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The Time Mender

A mysterious creature able to bend time and space. He can mend wounds and reverse enemy attacks by freezing them in time.

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The Ocean Sage

A sage able to control the oceans and whatever creatures that lurk below. Pearl transforms water into volatile attacks, rejuvenating streams and protecting bubbles.

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Lord of the Swarm

Secret devotee of the evil Rasal, unleashes swarms of insects to infest and cripple his enemies.

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The Psychopomp

Poloma uses shamanic powers to guide life and spirits alongside her protector and loyal creature, Toki. She is driven by her burning curiosity and extraordinary senses.

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The Exiled Prince

A former Prince forced into exile, Raigon is a well-respected warrior who is highly skilled in two-handed swordsmanship and martial arts.

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The Hungering Berserker

A mighty chieftain rushing into battle with a giant hammer in one hand and his dinner in the other.

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Ruh Kaan

The Crypt Warden

Awoken from his deep slumber when a grave robber disturbed the sacred crypts of Ark’dun, Ruh Kaan is a wielder of dark powers who consumes the souls of those who stand in his way.

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The Spear

Expert in the martial art of Ni'Shu and master of the spear. Facing Shifu is like walking into a tornado of spearheads.

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The Zenith

A calm prodigy who uses the energy of stars and planets to destroy and heal. The prophecy foretold the birth of this Zenith.

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The Wind of the West

An exceptionally swift hunter wielding a razor sharp boomerang. By shaping the wind around her, Taya is capable of deadly speed and precision.

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The Eternal

A being formed by the energies of others. Varesh uses his power to weaken and disrupt his enemies.

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Step up to the challenge and enter the ultimate proving ground in 2v2 and 3v3 matches. It’s all about timing and precision. Predictability leads to punishment, one wrong move and it’s all over. This is fighting in its purest form.





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Account Customization

Show off your skills in style. From weapons to victory stances, there’s a huge variety of cosmetic customizations to make you stand out from the crowd.

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