Battlerite is a Team Arena Brawler focused on adrenaline-fueled player vs player combat. Short and intense matches, stripped of random elements to optimize the action. Welcome to a world where champions dedicate their lives to the arena.
Muscles ignite, earth-quaking and forces collide. Take a seat in the crowd and get swept along in the mayhem. As an observer you get the opportunity to follow your champions, and as a contender you must smash in style to impress your fans.
Step up to the challenge and maximize your skills. It’s all about timing and precision. Predictability leads to punishment, one wrong move and it’s all over. This is fighting in its purest form.
The Spear
Expert in the martial art of Ni’Shu and master of the spear. A highly mobile and dangerous duelist. His extraordinary combat prowess culminates in a range of deadly melee attacks. Trained to hunt down his opponents and move like the wind. Facing Shifu is like walking into a tornado of spearheads.
Shifu Ability 1
Shifu Ability 2
Shifu Ability 3
Shifu Ability 4
Shifu Ability 5
Shifu Ability 6
The Ranid Assassin
His background is shrouded in mystery, his movements are supernatural and his reputation is whispered about. Croak loves to surprise his enemies, using his mobility to move in and out. His chameleonic stealth and flexible fighting style makes him exceptionally hard to catch.
Croak Ability 1
Croak Ability 2
Croak Ability 3
Croak Ability 4
Croak Ability 5
Croak Ability 6
Eye of the Storm
Once a tribe queen, now a fearless contender. Her titanic hammers and overwhelming power of lighting is the perfect recipe for destruction. Slowing down her foes with thundering spells to catch them off guard.
Freya Ability 1
Freya Ability 2
Freya Ability 3
Freya Ability 4
Freya Ability 5
Freya Ability 6
The Molten Fury
A masked creature specialized in dark sorcery and pyro-kinetic powers. Casting devastating fire spells on his opponents, staying away from close combat. Don’t be fooled by his size, Ashka’s inner demon strikes fear into all who face him.
Ashka Ability 1
Ashka Ability 2
Ashka Ability 3
Ashka Ability 4
Ashka Ability 5
Ashka Ability 6
The Zenith
Born under a purple sky and wrapped in the light of the brightest star. The prophecy was true and foretold the birth of the Zenith. Sirius was taken from his parents and sent to a monastery to learn the the way of the astronomers. A calm prodigy who uses the energies of stars and planets as destructive spells and healing powers.
Sirius Ability 1
Sirius Ability 2
Sirius Ability 3
Sirius Ability 4
Sirius Ability 5
Sirius Ability 6
The Lone Gunner
A mysterious gunslinger with a score to settle. Born with eagle-eyes and armed with a lethal sniper rifle, Jade’s pinpoint accuracy is a serious threat for anyone who enters the arena. For close encounters she prefers a good old combination of stealth and homemade revolvers. The rumor says Jade joined the arena games to find the villain who killed her brother. Will she complete her dark quest of vengeance?
Jade Ability 1
Jade Ability 2
Jade Ability 3
Jade Ability 4
Jade Ability 5
Jade Ability 6
Hero of Boulder Pass
Bakko has a proud history, filled with bravery and courage. Most known for saving hundreds of people from getting slaughtered by the giants in the north. A heroic brawler armed with axe and shield. Bakko uses his shield to outmaneuver opponents and protect his teammates. Watch out for his earth shattering dash attacks, even calm warriors sometimes go berserk.
Bakko Ability 1
Bakko Ability 2
Bakko Ability 3
Bakko Ability 4
Bakko Ability 5
Bakko Ability 6
The Expelled Alchemist
Lucie is a highly skilled Alchemist. A rebel at school who got expelled from the Toleen Academy for mixing banned potions. She is a diverse contender who knows which brew makes you choke, heal or flee in fear. The arena has become her new playground for wild experiments. Seeing her smile while mixing ingredients of an unknown nature might make her look more crazy than cute.
Lucie Ability 1
Lucie Ability 2
Lucie Ability 3
Lucie Ability 4
Lucie Ability 5
Lucie Ability 6
The Psychopomp
A psychopomp from the deep forests of Silverridge, Poloma uses shamanic powers to guide life and spirits alongside her protector and loyal creature, Toki. A dark disturbance among souls has put Poloma on a new path, leaving her safety and home behind. Driven by her burning curiosity and extraordinary senses, Poloma now seeks her answers in the arena.
Poloma Ability 1
Poloma Ability 2
Poloma Ability 3
Poloma Ability 4
Poloma Ability 5
Poloma Ability 6
The Eternal
When meddling with Primal Powers, a group of Inhibitor battle-mages fused together to form the being, Varesh. This vessel of immense power and melded minds joined the arena tournaments after centuries of aimless wandering, for it had finally found a purpose for existence.
Varesh Ability 1
Varesh Ability 2
Varesh Ability 3
Varesh Ability 4
Varesh Ability 5
Varesh Ability 6
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Mount Araz
Built on the dragon graveyard at the edge of Cape Kaal. This four hundred year old arena has been the violent stage for thousands of fallen warriors and a proving ground for the greatest of champions. It’s now the largest arena in Eastern Wastelands and attracts both traders and spectators from all over the region. As a contender you are not only facing powerful opponents, you will also need to handle the overwhelming heat. 
Mount Araz Map Icon
Mount Araz Map Icon
Mount Araz Map Icon
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